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We want to make certain that your translation job meets all of your expectations. Dynamic Language provides three types of translation services: translation, localization, and creation. Legal translation in Dubai is also valued since they give a comprehensive range of linguistic solutions for a variety of communication demands.

Translation, localization, and trans-creation are all buzzwords, but what do they all mean and how do they differ? Understanding the differences can help you choose which service you should request when you just require your company’s website in Spanish, for example.

Here’s a rundown of each so you can make an educated choice about which sort of translation service will best meet your project’s demands.

legal translation services offering in dubai

Legal Translation

The transformation of a language to the other one refers to translation. We advocate translating technical publications, FAQs, and other similar content because the content may lack cultural significance and may be used for marketing purposes.

Every translation effort needs the translator’s expertise and judgment in order to capture the source’s core and meaning. The more abstract the text, the more probable there will be differences between two translations, even if they are both regarded as valid. A poem’s translation will have more variances than the translation of a product’s operating instructions.

Few Types of Translation:

·  Legal Translation

It is one of the most difficult translations since it includes birth certificate and marriage certificate translations, as well as contracts, agreements, treaties, memorandums, and wills, among other things.

A professional translator must be aware of the different underlying settings of the papers, as well as the socio-cultural and politico-legal contexts of the two areas or nations for whom the writings are intended. They would then have to interpret it so that the target audience may understand it readily.

Legal translation in Dubai is a reputable and well-known supplier of precise and comprehensive professional translation services at competitive prices.

·  Commercial Translation

The commercial translation is a sort of translation that requires translators with particular talents, such as understanding of business jargon and the industry in which the company operates.

Business letters, reports, tender papers, corporate accounts, and memoranda, among other materials, may be translated into commercial documents. If the firm handles legal papers, this may overlap with legal translation.

·  Literary Translation

The word speaks for itself: it relates to the translation of literary works, such as stories, novels, poetry, and plays. Literary translation is generally regarded as the largest type of legal translation because it involves much more than conveying the content and context of a document from the source language to the target language.

It involves translating humor, mood, emotion, and other delicate parts of the work, as well as adding appropriate cultural nuances.


Localization is the process of converting words from one language to another while maintaining tone, nuance, and context. Other text should be translated for landing pages, tutorials, brochures, and any other content that uses symbols or icons.

Through localization, the meaning of words is delivered in a manner that is both culturally suitable and more likely to resonate with the intended audience.

Furthermore, when it comes to basic translation, it includes layouts, images, and dates along with the colors of your marketing stuff.

Localization determines whether the product will be accepted or rejected in the foreign market.

When it comes to localization vs. transcreation, the former takes precedence.

Qualities of Localization

It has three primary qualities that may be used to characterize it:

  • The substance isn’t altered, but the material’s meaning is.
  • The language is translated in a culturally appropriate way.
  • Images and layout are adjusted to meet local needs and product specifications.

Trans creation

Trans creation is a phrase that combines the terms “translate” and “creation.”

It refers to the act of adapting text from one language to another while ensuring that the message’s meaning, original style, and tone are kept. This is typically only possible by adapting the message to the target audience’s cultural background.

As a result, transcreation requires not just language knowledge, but also inventiveness and an awareness of the target market’s culture. In this manner, you can ensure that your material, such as advertising slogans and marketing texts, emotionally connects with your target audience.

This is why transcreation is so important for presenting a brand in a foreign language.

Translation vs. Localization vs. Trans-creation

The normal marketer lives in a world where everything is written down. However, because the differences between translation, localization, and transcreation are more gradient than fine lines, content type still influences what you should buy.

Consider the three options as distinct tiers of the same service: The job at hand is to adapt the material for a different culture or nation. The issue is, how sophisticated do you need this conversion to be? Localization [level two] adjusts material to a given region, while translation [level one] converts words into another language.

Transcreation [level three] is the next step. “The production of information in the target language that is inspired by the source, but highly customized for the language and culture where it will be utilized,” says Arle Lommel, Senior Analyst at Common Sense Advisory. To put it another way, while translation and localization alter existing text, transcreation begins from scratch.


Translation vs. Localization and Transcreation are all terms that have the same purpose of breaking down linguistic barriers. Nonetheless, they are three distinct services, each with its own purpose.

If you’re a company trying to expand into the worldwide market, legal translation in Dubai is ready to assist you. Our team of specialists can help you with translation, localization, and transcreation to guarantee that you have the most compelling and relevant content that is ideally tailored to your new target market.

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